Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where The Sun Has A Mustache

Where The Sun Has A Mustache

filmed in India by Phil Rached


with DVD's for $10/ea.

free download & streaming of this award-winning indie documentary's soundtrack at

thesis sahib - automobile
pete samples - carnival talk
panda bear - late night at the jetty
avery tare - laughing hieroglyphics
land of talk -
timber timbre - creep on creepin on
moldy peaches - anyone else but you
michael cera & ellen page- anyone else but you

Interview with independent documentarian Phil Rached:

Where The Sun Has A Mustache Soundtrack

Mehul Seth - anything

Killed By Ghosts - prelimintro

Killed By Ghosts - fairyghosts

Killed By Ghosts - hawaii5awesomer

Mehul Seth & Depak Makhwana - relatives

Mehul Seth & Depak Makhwana -tractor road

Bennet Daniels - water walk

Killed By Ghosts - doinghosts

Killed By Ghosts - timeghosts

Thomas Rached - remembering

Killed By Ghosts - prelimdungeon

Killed By Ghosts - steamghosts

Mehul Seth & Depak Makhwana - start stop start stop finish

Mehul Seth & Depak Mekhwana - scissors in your hands

A Living Soundtrack ft. Chris Colombo - Good Morning Dhrangadhra

contact the filmmaker at to book a screening, get a copy or to find out more!

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