Wednesday, November 16, 2011

escape to the sun dome

jenny omnichord - buildings

melanie - song of the south

united steel workers of Montreal - for love & your mother's sake

chocolate factory - barabajagal

elvis presley - all shook up

animal collective - brother sport

mario grigorov - ice hotel

munky lee - try harder dub

new age steppers - abderhamane's demise

white lung - amy white out

black hat brigade - limbo

the famines - got lies if you want them, PLCA

bikini kill - rah! rah! replica

the stolen minks - consecutives

le tigre - dyke march 2001
jesus & mary chain - teenage lust

white stripes - girl, you have no faith in mdicine

chuck berry - teenage wedding

eddie izzard - being for the benefit of mr.kite

timber timbre - swamp magic, demon host

laura barrett - escape to the sun dome

tigerrr beat - lost + found

the funky lowlives - latazz

massive attack - daydreaming

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