Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i think its so groovy now that people are finally gettin together

coco rosie - armageddon
john lennon and the plastic ono band - gimme some truth
jacob dylan - gimme some truth
daniel, fred & julie - down by the weeping willow
islands - heartbeat
cold cave - the trees grew emotions and then they died
DAV - Parisian dream
fidigital - hit & run (Adri's reconaissance dub)
superhuman happiness & cults - um acnto do afoxe para o bloco do ile
sugarcubes - deus
the icicles - skater boyfriend
deerhoof - punch buggy valves
luxury christ - jello sex cult, escape from new york
dean stone & tanya tagaq - the iceberg cometh
the lost hobo from cobo steve carron - point of view
twin shadow - at my heels
andrew bird - oh no
william s. burroughs - is everybody in??
friend & lover - reach out of the darkness
5 after 4 - balena
john coltrane & thelonious monk - epistrophy
solomon jabby - youth revolution dub
absofunkinlutely - big brother

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