Friday, May 2, 2014

fairest of the 13th dimension

Nico – the fairest of the seasons

The Hypnotics – guess im falling in love, a mansion on the hill

The Kinks – strangers

Bloodshot Bill – cool breeze

White Lung – bunny

Diane Dufresne – buzz

Lonnie and the Garden – hello, hello
Lonnie In the Garden- should i stay

Battles – my machines
The White Stripes – offend in every way
Chris Crossroads – little girl (meow)

Arlo Guthrie – travelling music

Rodrigo y gabirela – mistry moses

Gogol Bordello – tribal connection

CATL – dead water disco

Tallest Man on Earth – the wild hunt

Daniel Johnston – casper

The Grateful Dead – eyes of the world

The Pinecones – I am a mountain

Allison Brown – all the birds, boxcars

Pete Seeger – I never will marry

Bob Dylan – black diamond bay

Chris Crossroads – 13th dimension

Yoko Ono – Cheshire cat call

Grizzly Bear – a simple answer (liars remix)

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