Friday, May 9, 2014

Honouring The Mother: All Female Show for Mother's Day Weekend!


Nico –these days
Beast – dark eyes
So Young – breathing exercises, call the office
Julie Doiron – by the lake
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers – its alright
Patti Smith – ghost dance
Bikini Kill – new radio
The Slits – typical girls
Tune Yards – water fountain
Crystal Castles – child I will hurt you
St. Vincent – cruel, birth in reverse
Grimes – dragrandil
Amanda Palmer – in my mind
The Hours – steady glazed eyes
Mahalia Jackson – tired
Thunderheist – sweet 16
Daniel, Fred and Julie – hallelujah
Ella Fitzgerald – hello ma! Ive done it again
Radha Rani – jai ambe
Dj Mayday – white collar crime
Joan Baez – love is a 4 letter word
Buffy Ste Marie – my own way
Jessica Martinez Makey – blessings
Dj Distinct – astral harvest
Pussy Riot - Путин зажигает костры
Pretty Girls Make Graves – speakers push the air
Junk Food Junkies – ba’ath salts
Sarah Vaughn – what more can a woman do 

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