Wednesday, August 3, 2011

post electric eclectics

frankenstein 5 - it's a cryin shame
spool - entrepreneur's walk
toki monster - little pleasures
handsome furs - what about us
bjork - there's more to life than this
braids - little hands
sun wizard - too much on your mind
new beat generation - london here i come
dum dum girls - there is a light that never goes out
the hoa hoas - yellow jacket
saul williams - list of demands
aceyalone - lonely ones
blackroc - what you do to me
saul williams - dance
maximum balloon - tiger
shabazz palaces - free press and curl
sun glitters - too much to lose
amon tobin - wooden toy
u.s. girls - untie me
data romance - the deep
metronomy - she wants
bjork - army of me
atmoshpere - she's enough
blueprint - keep bouncing
the generationals - when they fight they fight
techno blabbo

1 comment:

  1. You found some of the CHRW's archives!
    This may not be known, but all the songs on that EP are written about the George Orwell novel Down and Out In Paris and London and were done for a school project at the university.

    My new band Hypnotics has a new album coming out soon, and an EP (Soul At Seven) that should be at CHRW. Thanks again for the airplay.