Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cookie jar in the pale green morning

field assembly - when the sun can't find you
the sweet lowdown - riverside
joanna newsom - cosmia
sufjan stevens - free man in Paris (Joni Mitchell Tribute)
christine fellows - marr lake
jenny omnichord - lease in the east
fruit bats - primitive man
paul simon - 50 ways to leave your lover
marlene beaudry - woman is boss
jackie deshannon - put a little love in your heart
sharon, lois & bram - cookie jar, comin' around the mountain
julie andrews - i have confidence
audrey hepburn - i could have danced all night
the bran flakes - mini mountain queen
brassmunk - music and magic reprise
gorillaz - little pink plastic bags
fortuneately everything dies - total charge $1.25
bjork - declare independance
deadmau5 - cocktail queen
anita o'day - sing, sing, sing (RSL Remix)
digits - pale green morning
pantha du prince - sattelite snyper
evan clapp - drum solo
crash test dummies - keep a lid on things
mase - feel so good
faith evans - love like this

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