Wednesday, May 2, 2012

zeus yoga ping pong disco tek freakout

pack a.d. - don't have to
the slits - dub beat
the slits - ping pong affair
edgar winter group - frankenstein
syd dale - disco tek
lowish - wahawa
matthew maaskant - something buried
daniel, fred & julie - hallelujah im a bum
adriane lake - so beautiful
grimes - symphonia IX
pas chic chic - blinde d'attentions
lioness - tastefully obscure
the cramps - goo goo muck
reverend horton heat - psychobilly freakout
the whipping wind - dont get into it
sonic youth - sacred trickster, anti-orgasm
zeus - marching through your head
justice - audio, video disco
sound tribe sector nine - spoken word
YOGA - tada
ubzorb - zeus magnet
buck 65 - intro
sweet steel of the carribean - mass in brooklyn

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