Friday, June 10, 2011

wishin on a Chelsea morning

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Ballad of the RAA
Thao & Mirah - eleven

Land of Talk - magnetic hill

Horse and His Boy - colour bars

Joni Mitchell - chelsea morning

Little Scream - Heron and the Fox

Daniel, Fred and Julie - Gambler, & Hallelujah I'm A Bum

The Luyas - cold canada

Those Darlins - hives

One Hundred Dollars - careless love

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean, & Helplessness Blues

Ciara Dawn - keep on the firing line

Patrick Watson - luscious life

Elfin Saddle - temple daughter

Tennis - cape dory

Man Man - steak knives

White Stripes - offend in every way

Pack A.D. oh by joyful, & cobra matte

Emily Hanes - the maid needs a maid

Coeur de Pirate - comme les enfants

Mirah - we're both so sorry

Warm welcome to new campus community radio volunteer Robin Destun, summer co-host of Maximum Joy! You can follow me on twitter as well to make requests and find out what is coming up on the show.

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